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Tak til Noisette for at lade mig oversætte hendes tutorials.

Thanks to Noisette for letting me translate her tutorials.




Faith Ysandre  
  Turquoise Joanie Hope  
  Rosanne Leelou Anastasia  
  Nylam Angelique Cyrianne  
  Xylia Fanny Shani  
  Noel 2013 Natalia Lalie  
  Leonie Thalia See The Beauty  
  Flavie Berenice Graphisme Attitude  
  Amelie Clemence  Noel 2014 / Julen 2014   
  Oceane Faustine Apolline  
  Solitude Be yourself Imogene  
  Chandika Remember Noël 2015  
  Daphnee Medaline Livia  
  The Right Shoes Smile Hermione  
  Clytie Davina Enjoy  
  Cora Noël 2016 Loalie  
  Elektra Life is a Song Shaya  
  Rêves Noel 2017